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Tara has been the best guide I could have hoped for to lead me in my movement and well-being practice. She has a gentle spirit and a warmth to all her classes, whether they're one-to-one or with larger groups. Her explanations are always clear and easy to follow, and every class is curated thoughtfully with a holistic and caring approach. Tara's classes are inclusive as she is always responsive to thr needs and abilities of her students. Her experience shines through all her advice, with every move made to feel right rather than strained. Whether it's vinyasa yoga, aerial silks or floating meditation, Tara cultivates a nurturing environment that awakens my senses, calms my mind, and feeds my soul.



I am delighted to recommend Tara as an outstanding yoga instructor. Her exceptional teaching style, vast knowledge and warm demeanor have significantly enhanced my practice and overall well-being. Tara expertly guides students of all levels, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment. Her ability to cater to individual needs and provide personalised adjustments has helped me achieve new milestones in my practice. Since attending her private classes, I have seen marked improvements in my strength, flexibility and mindfulness. I wholeheartedly endorse Tara and encourage anyone seeking a transformative yoga experience to join her classes.


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