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I am a London based interdisciplinary artist. My love for movement began as a child: through Irish and Contemporary dance.

Aged 18 I began practicing yoga asana. In 2017 I trained as a yoga teacher with Shakti Power Yoga, and have been teaching ever since. The same year, I began training aerial arts, and since have qualified as an aerial yoga teacher, and aerial fitness instructor with CircusFit.


In 2018 I trained with The National Youth Theatre, working with physical theatre company The Pappy Show.


In 2020, I trained as an aerialist with Aircraft Circus. I revisited aerial performance training in 2024 with Flying Fantastic.


My work has been performed in Cambridge, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in venues across London.

In 2022 I trained as a Stretchologist with Stretch Lab and Stretch Inc. I now work as a freelance as an assisted stretch practitioner.

In 2023, I launched a breathwork and movement practice named Tarot Flow. 


I pour love and integrity into all my projects. I hope to meet you somewhere on this path of movement and creation.

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